Careening wildly around the alt-country and Americana genres like Hank Williams on a hot-rodded Vespa, PK Gregory’s music is rooted in tradition, but with a kind of eclecticism and idiosyncratic storytelling bent that is decidedly modern. Described as “Johnny Cash meets John Prine, with a smattering of Townes Van Zant”, fans of the great troubadour tradition will find much to like, but this is not an attempt at a purist revival by any stretch!

With elements of folk, western swing, honky-tonk, and blues, and taking on a wide range of subjects from religion and sex to the zombie apocalypse, the songs are driven forward by PK’s swirling fingerpicked guitar, harmonica, home-made suitcase drum and foot percussion, and delivered in an immediately-compelling baritone reminiscent of Johnny Cash, with a Hank Williams edge.

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"Very rarely has an artist emerged on their debut with a fully-formed artistic voice. PK Gregory is a rare exception." - Scott David Chase, The Noise

"...authentic, real and a lot of fun." - Dan Engler, Kudos AZ

"...every component of his musical gift is based in authenticity and his own comfort and love for what he is doing; from writing to recording to performing and beyond." - Brandon Decker, decker.

"PK is kinda like listening to Johnny Cash meets John Prine with a smattering of Townes Van Zant thrown in." - Jon Miller, former personal assistant to Gregg Allman

"I'll take the enchiladas"Arnold Schwartzenegger