Praise for "Honkabilly Blues"

“PK manages to inject humour into every situation - so much so that I found myself smiling through almost every song here. As well as being possessed of an irreverent sense of humour, he’s an excellent composer of melodies.” - Eilís Boland, Lonesome Highway

“And yes, it’s beautiful. It’s all damn well played and sung . . .  How I would love to see this guy at work!” - 

“PK Gregory's One-Man-Honkabilly-Blues-Band proves, without any apparent puritanious attempt to keep the genre alive, the need for this kind of "rare" and exceptional musicians. Enjoy on ‘Honkabilly Blues’ his idiosyncratic storytelling…" -

“Uiterst amusant podiumvoer.” -

Till enmansband som Seasick Steve, Bob Log III och Reverand Beat-Man kan även PK Gregorys namn nu läggas. Liksom de övriga lirar han sina låtar ensam på bastrumma, gitarr, munspel och sång. Honkabilly Blues är dessutom en titel som rätt bra berättar hur det låter. - 

“The lyrics bloom with wit and bitter irony, such as when he sings cheerfully: ‘My soul is a wasteland of pain and death.’” -


More kind words: 

"Very rarely has an artist emerged on their debut with a fully-formed artistic voice. PK Gregory is a rare exception." - Scott David Chase, The Noise

"...authentic, real and a lot of fun." - Dan Engler, Kudos AZ

"PK is kinda like listening to Johnny Cash meets John Prine with a smattering of Townes Van Zant thrown in." - Jon Miller, former personal assistant to Gregg Allman

"...every component of his musical gift is based in authenticity and his own comfort and love for what he is doing; from writing to recording to performing and beyond." - Brandon Decker, decker.

"I'll take the enchiladas" - Arnold Schwartzenegger 

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